Fresh Food Machines

AMS / Healthy Vend

The AMS HealthVend is great for any location where healthy foods are in demand. It vends fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, juice and water. AMS offers accessories which enable you to design your own display of healthful foods. HealthyVend is fully compliant with health and safety software regulations.

AMS / Glass-Front Deli

The AMS Glass-Front Deli, which is perfect for work day lunchrooms, vends large entrees, sandwiches, and snacks. Motor coupling allows oversize entree dispensing. The Glass-Front Deli is available in a deli-style blue-checkered motif. It is adjustable to suit the particular size of the products offered. AMS promises dependability and rugged construction. This vending machine is built with state-of-the-art manufacturing materials.

Taylored Treats will provide the perfect vending machines and micro markets to meet your needs.

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