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Vending Machine / Micro Market Supplier

Taylored Treats

Taylored Treats provides the latest in high-tech vending machines and micro markets. Our vending machines are equipped with “sensit” technology, which detects when products fall into the delivery bin. If a product does not cross the infrared beam, you will not lose your money, and can try again or have your money returned. No more refund requests!

Our vending machines and micro market checkout kiosks accept multiple payment methods, including cash, credit card, and pay-by-phone.

Taylored Treats provides climate-controlled machines that keep your candy bars and snacks at their optimal temperature. Our machines are energy efficient and Energy Star rated.

Vending Machine Restocking

Vending Machine Restocking

Taylored Treats works 7 days a week to ensure that your vending machines and micro markets are always full. Our employees are available any time to restock. We are attentive to the amount of food sold. We will be there to refill your machines/micro markets way before they begin to look empty. We keep a close watch on our machines and micro markets!

Vending Machine Service


Taylored Treats provides quick service whenever you need it. Just call our immediate service number (262.891.7997) and someone will address your problem.

We also maintain our machines proactively, so that maintenance problems do not occur. We do not wait until there is a problem to service our machines!

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Taylored Treats performs a proactive set of preventative maintenance on all of our machines and micro markets. We vacuum, clean, and test all machines on a regular basis. We don’t wait until they break to perform service.

We have a full time maintenance technician on staff who keeps the machines in full working order. We do not have to wait for a repair company to schedule a service call; we take care of any problems immediately.

Our machines have automatic health and safety safeguards. We will not allow a customer to purchase food that has not been refrigerated properly. If there is a power outage, the machine will read “out of service”. Our technician can then check the data logs in the machine’s internal memory, and make sure it has been kept at a safe temperature. Taylored Treats is committed to providing the highest quality foods, and will always reflect that in the way we take care of our machines.

Food Service Inventory Management

Food Service Inventory Management

Taylored Treats provides a huge selection of vending products, including healthy snacks. We carry almost every brand of chip and candy that exists in the United States. We make it a point to follow new products. Each month our distributors come out with new products, and we are always willing to provide them to you.

After providing vending services so many years, we know what sells, so we are sure to fill our machines with popular items. Also, you can suggest items to be placed in your machines. Just call or email us to request new items. We know what sells in a certain audience, so we customize the products to the clientele. We know and will provide the products that will be demanded by the audience.

Telemetry Monitoring


Taylored Treats is able to connect to your vending machines at all times using telemetry monitoring. Our telemetry system enables us to continuously monitor your machines 24/7.

We always have access to up-to-date information about your machine status, inventory, and sales transactions. We can monitor which items are the most popular and identify user preferences customized to your workplace. Telemetry monitoring also provides us with real time alerts of any problems with your machines, enabling us to immediately and proactively respond.


Our machines are always full. And always working.

Taylored Treats performs a proactive set of preventative maintenance on all of our machines. We don't wait until they break to perform service.

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